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Midwest Psychiatric Center, Inc. is a private psychiatric practice owned by my colleague, Dr. Rakesh Kaneria.  I provide therapy to adults and a small number of children/adolescents at this location.  We can accept most commercial insurances, as well as Caresource (of Ohio Medicaid) and Medicare.  Adult clients who work with me at MPC also have the option to see Dr. Kaneria for evaluation and medication management if desired or needed.  Child psychiatric evaluation and medication management are not available with MPC.    We are located in West Chester, OH near the UC West Chester Hospital, just off I-75, between Liberty Way. and Tylersville Rd.

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What is Mindfulness?

7 years ago · · Comments Off on What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?


One of the most challenging struggles of human existence is to accept and live fully in the present moment.  The arts and music show us so many examples of the attempt to surrender and just be.  Think of the popularity of songs like “Let it Go” from Frozen and “Let it Be” by the Beatles.  Consider how most world religions, in one way or another, emphasize the ideas of surrender and acceptance as key steps of the spiritual journey.  These are all versions or variations of the approach to living that many term “Mindfulness.”

Mindfulness is a state of mind in which we are aware of the present moment, living in “the now.”  We approach each moment with curiosity and observation – taking in and acknowledging our thoughts, feelings, and even sensations in the body freely and without judgment.   I like to think of it as responding to the moment by saying, “huh, how about that?” rather than judging a thought, feeling, or circumstance as good or bad, right or wrong.  It simply “IS.”

By practicing mindfulness we can distance ourselves from the habits and automatic responses we have to daily stressors and triggers, and we can increase clarity, insight, and a sense of peace.   This is why many mental healthy providers encourage mindful living as a way of decreasing depression and anxiety.

There are a plethora of Mindfulness resources available on the internet, but here is a brief introduction (Intro to Mindfulness) to it’s concepts, as well as some strategies to help you make simple changes to live life more mindfully.

There are several titles in my recommended reading list as well, but I especially recommend “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

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