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Midwest Psychiatric Center, Inc. is a private psychiatric practice owned by my colleague, Dr. Rakesh Kaneria.  I provide therapy to adults and a small number of children/adolescents at this location.  We can accept most commercial insurances, as well as Caresource (of Ohio Medicaid) and Medicare.  Adult clients who work with me at MPC also have the option to see Dr. Kaneria for evaluation and medication management if desired or needed.  Child psychiatric evaluation and medication management are not available with MPC.    We are located in West Chester, OH near the UC West Chester Hospital, just off I-75, between Liberty Way. and Tylersville Rd.

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Beginning Therapy

If you have made the decision to begin therapy, good for you! You are making a courageous decision! Here’s what you can expect.

The first appointment you have will be an “Assessment” session. This is when we will meet each other and begin to tackle three tasks.

1. We will discuss some questions about your history, and complete some paperwork about symptoms you may be experiencing. We will explore your strengths and interests, as well as the challenges or difficulties you may be facing. Screening questionnaires and other clinical tools may be used at this time.

2. We will explore your goals. This is often a fun conversation because we begin to imagine what it is you want to achieve through coming to therapy. When we set concrete and specific goals, we are more likely to achieve positive change. It is very important that these goals reflect the things YOU want. Feel free to tell me about your priorities, preferences, and values.

3. To close the assessment phase, I will offer you some information and recommendations. This is where we can begin to discuss things like diagnosis and treatment options. Feel free to ask lots of questions! Together we will establish a personalized plan for your therapy, tailored to your schedule, level of motivation, and goals.

If you are feeling nervous…don’t worry, you’re not alone. Meeting a stranger for the first time and telling them all about yourself isn’t the easiest task. I do my best to be welcoming and approachable. Your comfort and sense of safety are very important to me. The best advice for overcoming nervousness in the first session is to just be open to the process . Communicate with me about how you’re feeling. If you’re intimidated by the idea of starting therapy, it’s okay! We can work through that together and move at a pace that is comfortable for you.

If you are considering EMDR Therapy, please click HERE for further information.